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Comfort Meets Class

Whenever I shop for outfits, I always go for comfort. I always believe comfort is key to feeling confident. With that said, enjoy today's outfit post and let me know what you think about it. 

Photography: Moderne Studio (Nextgen Mall) Outfit Details Kimono-gbygathoni (Instagram) Pants-Siri Studio Bo…

The Little Black Dress

***Dusts off blog..****Hey y'all.. Yes, I'm still alive and kicking! I'm not even going to blame corona for the silence. Let's just say consistency has not been part of my vocabulary but what matters is I'm here with a new post :-) Hoping you have been well and are taking it a d…

When Comfort Meets Style

A while back, when style was not a part of my vocabulary, I used to really loathe loose fitting or should I just say palazzo pants. I used to wonder how ladies would go to a shop and just purchase a pair of very loose fitting pants. Like how? Didn't they look oversize? Let's just say that …

Ankara Tulle Skirt

By now you already know the love I have for ankara pieces. Today's post does not require much writing to it so I'll just let you gape at the awesomeness that is this skirt. 
In other news, allow me to wish you, my reader, a blessed 2020. 

Photography: Koi Ngunjiri

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