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Paper-Bag Pants: 2019 Fashion Wishlist, Maybe?

Ladies, I have an interesting discovery for you today. If you are into fashion and trends then you may know this but if you don't, I'm sure this is new to you. So I know you've heard of paper bag pants before, if you haven't then the pair of pants I'm wearing on the blog today are paper bag pants. Did you know that they are called paper bag pants because of the gathered waistband that is normally tied using a belt making it look like the top of a tied paper bag? Yes :-) Now you know!

So for today's post I'm wearing a pair in green; a color I have recently grown to love because of its uniqueness. If you ask me, I don't believe that the paper bag trend is about to end anytime soon because we can now see it on skirts as well as shorts and it looks so chic! The gathered waistband adds so much sass to an outfit and that is why ladies you should get yourself a pair. Paper bag pants can be worn to work or as a casual look if paired with a plain tee. My pair was a gift but if you are looking to invest in one, here are links to some Instagram stores that I have previously seen stock similar ones; tuslay254_fashionroyalsazalea_trends 

I hope you enjoy today's post. Have a blessed week ahead!

Photography: Prime Photography

Outfit Details
Off-shoulder top-tosave


  1. Girl!!!
    Am so in love with those "paper bag pants". You look sophisticated and professional in them.
    Were they expensive?

    Foodies: www.tastiedine.com

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I don't really know whether they were expensive or not since I was gifted.

  2. The look is classy,more so the paper bag one it makes your look elegant and sophisticated


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