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Ankara Love

When I spot an ankara piece; I see uniqueness, diversity and richness in color. No doubt, I love to be a head turner and that is why I always go for ankara pieces when attending weddings or events that require me to dress up because I know that with the right print and the right design I will draw…


Truth be told, I've never really been a fan of culottes but the color on this particular pair I'm wearing on the blog was a love at first sight scenario. There's just something about the color mustard; it's the kind of color that will very quickly turn a simple outfit into a vibran…

How To Stun in Black

I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color ~ Wednesday Addams
I've always been a fan of black outfits; whether its an all black outfit or partly black outfit; black is one of those colors you will always find me in. For a color that anyone can pull off, I don't understand w…

4 ways to wear a white shirt

It feels good to be back to creating content after taking a much needed break.
Today I will be showing you the versatility of a white shirt and why you should invest in one. I got mine from Mr Price and I must say that this is actually one of my best buys this year. Ladies, this is a must have in …

Want Comfort? Think Shift Dress

The thing about shift dresses is that they are free and can be worn by women of all sizes. Apart from being very comfortable, they look super stylish especially when worn with a pair of chic heels. Perfect wedding/church outfit, if you ask me :-) 

Photo credits: Prime Photography (Instagram)

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