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Online Shopping and Its Thrills

While working on today's post, I just realized my whole outfit was purchased from Instagram except for my purse. It's about time I admitted to being an online shopping addict; Instagram shopping addict to be precise. But then again, should I really be feeling bad about this yet these Instagram thrift stores sell stuff for as low as a hundred bob? I mean? You literally save on the cost, energy and time you'd have otherwise spent on a trip to Gikomba or Toi market. So, No!I don't really feel guilty about it. And again, one way I deal with stress is shopping. So I'm not so sure that this addiction is ending anytime soon but they say the first step to overcoming an addiction is admitting that you actually have one. So hopefully now that I admit that I'm an addict of online shopping, then the next step will be to work on my spending habits.. 😊

Can you imagine there are days I've even unfollowed my favorite thrift stores because I felt I was overspending then a few weeks later, follow them back again? SMH

 I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section..Are you are an addict of shopping? (Whether online or just physically visiting a store?) How do you go about it so you don't end up impulse buying and you actually buy what you had budgeted for? 

 My makeup was done by Jane Maina 

 Outfit Details
Earings-pryde_artz (Instagram)

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  1. For it is a fail most of the times...it's either it doesn't fit or the fabric of the clothes is disappointing...so am always skeptical and hesitant when it comes to online purchases...but if I would look that good am going to keep trying...

    1. Yes, you should try. I will do a post on some of my best thrift stores on Instagram and what I bought so you see for yourself..Thanks Abby for passing by..xx

  2. Stunning, love the look and the location of your shoot. I'm a physical addict, I always try to pay my bills first so that by the time I go shopping I have less to spend and I'm forced to buy only what I need.

    1. Thank you so much.
      So I'm not alone in this..But your strategy is good!taking care of necessities so there's less to spend..Looks like I'll try it out..thanks..xx

  3. Can we just take a moment... well many moments of silence for this whole look? I mean just everything is everything... And the shoes..... DAAAAMN !!!


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