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'No Makeup' Make up Look

I've always been the subtle make up look kinda lady. For me what I call a daily makeup routine is basically a lippie, filled in eyebrows and mascara. Reason being, I haven't really perfected this art of makeup and in fact, the last time I actually shopped for foundation was a year and a half ago; foundation I have used I think thrice all thanks to the skin reaction I got after using it. Then again, I have never really found the right shade for my skin. Thank God for my fashion forward mum, the few times I need to put on foundation for an event, I just request to use hers :-) So anyway, big up to you ladies who manage to do full makeup on a daily basis because some of us are still perfecting the art of drawing our eyebrows and putting foundation leave alone just finding the right shade for our skin.

All in all, I got to work with pro-make up artist, Jane Maina again. If you have been an avid reader of my blog, I believe you can recall that she once did a makeup makeover on me. Don't I just love the wonders this amazing lady does to my face? And then the thing abut this makeup look she gave me is that its subtle; doesn't look overdone. I especially love the nude lippie. I'd love to know what you think about this make up look..

Enjoy the post and have yourselves a blessed, peaceful week even as we choose our future leaders.

1st Look

2nd Look

Makeup done by Jane Maina
Photography by Ze'Queen Photography

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  1. So im totally inlove with all the pics here.Urembo reloaded.

  2. This no make up look is just perfect...you look beautiful

  3. This is really beautiful!! Jane Maina all the way!! love the pics too


  4. That makes two of us.This art of professional make up is something I haven't figured out yet.I only use compact powder and lipstick.You look so so beautiful.You should do this more often.I love the headpiece by the way.

  5. Hello there goddess.....good Lord Linda this is waaayyy beyond gorgeous....both looks suits you amazingly...

  6. Gorgeously done, I love the makeup look. I wish I knew how to do makeup, should start practicing lol.

  7. They say practice makes perfect and it takes time to get into some things like makeup and i can say kuddos to your friend Jane Maina for the great job as both look were perfectly done to go fit your face shape and the outfits.
    Enjoy your day

  8. Hello,

    Lovely !

    Sarah, https://sarahmodeeee.blogspot.fr/

  9. Beautiful,this would be great for an everyday look..same boat eyebrow and lippie routine.Hoping I'll also perfect my make-up skills someday


    1. Thanks Emilly,,Have a lovely day and weekend ahead.

  10. Stunning make up - you look amazing!

    Heather xx

  11. I love the subtle make up look


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