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Valentines Edition: Gift Ideas

Valentines Day is in two days time and I know quite a number are super excited about this day. Woe unto you if you are single and you have to pass through town on this particular day. Vendors will be all over selling bouquet of flowers reminding you on this particular day how much being single sucks. The CBD will be painted red and the few who still believe in wearing red on this particular day will even make you hate this day more. All in all, cheer up!It's just for a day. Here are a few gift ideas if you are planning to get your partner something on this day. 

Gift Ideas for her
 1. Gift Voucher

Yes!Sure Gifts have got you covered. They have gift vouchers that you can get for your partner. These gift vouchers vary in pricing and the good thing about this gift voucher is that you can use it on a variety of stores such as JUMIA, Vivo ActiveWear, Backyard Shoes, New Level, Revitalize, Euphoria Fish Spa..the list is endless. So it's up to you to decide how you want to use the gift card.  Make sure to check out their site suregifts for more info. You will thank me later ☺

2. Perfume
 Because 'Perfume is the indispensable complement to the personality of women, the finishing touch on a dress'~Christian Dior
Image from www.pinterest.com

3. A box of chocolates
Chocolates have always been an indication of love so get her a box of her favorite chocolates.

Image from inciid.org

4. A Bouquet of Roses 
This is like the first thing you should get her.
Image from www.pinterest.com

5. Makeup Gift Hamper
Yeeeeees!I just had to mention makeup. Surprise her with a makeup hamper and you will absolutely have made her day.
Image from mugeek.vidalondon.net

Gift Ideas for him
1. A Watch 
It's very rare to come across a guy who doesn't wear a watch as an accessory;
so a watch would be an ideal gift for your better half ladies.
Image from www.industriet.com

2. Cuff-links 
Very pocket friendly if you ask me.Image from davidsamperio.com

3. A custom made gift
If you are all about creating memories, a customized gift would be ideal.
Image from allwomenstalk

4. A wallet
Image from aliexpress.com

5. Sometimes, Valentines is not always about buying each other gifts. You can decide to spoil your loved one by just cooking them a scrumptious meal and spending the day with them.

And with that, Happy Valentines Day fam.


  1. I wish my loved ones could surprise me with either of this...too late oops!But i now have an idea of what to gift them next time.

  2. Not only for valentines, but the gifts are also suitable for birthdays. Love the idea though.

    FOODIES: www.tastiedine.com

  3. wow such great ideas. I should have visited soon enough to grab some of these idea. Great post dear.

    1. Oh no :-( Too bad
      Thanks though for stopping by.xoxo


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