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Wardrobe Resolutions

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Happy New Year fam.. 

Super elated to be back after a much needed break. Hoping you enjoyed your holidays and are ready for whatever 2017 has in store for you.

To start us off this year are a few wardrobe resolutions that could do you some good as you begin the year and help you save on a few coins. 

1. Plan your purchases
Personally am a victim of not planning my purchases. Am that person who is always shopping on impulse with the excuse that if I don't buy it then I will not find it when I need it which is quite true. But I think its time I stopped shopping on impulse. Sometimes it gets to a point where you have absolutely no cash and in fact you end up not putting on the clothes you bought on impulse because you just have too much. Buy because you need it..!

2. Shop smart
Yes and Yes. This should have been my first point. Shop smart by investing in staples and versatile pieces. Staples are key because once you have staples, styling becomes very easy and in fact you can now build your wardrobe out of the staples. So invest in staples (this could be a black blazer, fitting blue/black pants, a pencil skirt or a white classic shirt). Versatile pieces in turn cut down the urge to want to purchase more. 

3. Forget about quantity
Sometimes its not always about having so many clothes. What I've come to realize over time is that having too many clothes is just but a headache. Reason being, when you have so many you spend more time looking for an outfit to wear. And in fact, some mornings you feel like you have nothing to wear and end up buying more. So just have basics and build your wardrobe out of basics. 

4. Do a closet clearance once in a while
Am sure we all have those clothes that are always squeezed in the utmost corner of our closets. Clothes we always say we will wear but months down the line are just full of dust. I think its time you either did a clearance sale and got new ones or donated to those who don't have or at least those who always eye your outfits. Just don't keep clothes for almost a year or two saying you will one day put them on. It never works.

5. Dress for yourself
Finally, always exude confidence in whatever you wear. Nothing makes a woman more beautiful and sexier than the belief that she is beautiful. So have confidence in yourself and feel good in whatever you wear and add a smile to it! 

Hope you enjoyed today's post.

Linda's World of Style wishes you a blessed 2017 full of God's favor, good health and success in all your endeavors. Remember life is too short so make the most of this year, do not waste any opportunity that comes your way and always remember to put God first in everything you do. Pray, pray and don't stop praying.

Otherwise, here's to more slayage this year

Love you fam

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  1. So excited that I'm applying some of this wardrobe resolution. And I love this post. Happy new year Darling and cant wait to read and see more from you :-).

    1. Hahahaaa..I hope so especially when it comes to shoes..Am watching you
      Thanks for stopping by dear..

  2. Very insightful.I am an impulse buyer too but I'm hoping to save some coins this year too!

    1. Hehehee..Happy to hear that
      Thanks for stopping by Lynn

  3. Happy new year dear. Much needed insights. Starting with wardrobe clearance....

  4. Replies
    1. Glad you loved it..Thanks a lot Kathu
      Have a blessed 2017 ahead.

  5. I definitely do agree with each pointer here. I've to do a closet clean up soon, because it is a headache indeed. Ha! Cheers to the new year, beautiful. :)


    1. Thanks for stopping by Missy May
      Great year ahead too..xx

  6. great tips.! wardrobe cleanup is a must do.! Happy new year!

    1. Happy New Year Ifiok and thank you for stopping by my blog..xx

  7. eish Linda, teach...!


  8. Less is more!
    I have learnt to embrace that 😊😊😊

  9. Shop Smart is one of my motto! I have enjoyed this post.

  10. Great post and very insightful. No more impulse shopping this year.

  11. This article was so helpful to me. As a fashion blogger shopping smart is everything. I wish you the best year!!!

    Great post.



    1. So glad my post was of help..I really appreciate you dropping by..xx

  12. Very insightful...


  13. This MUST be the best post to start the New Year with. Your literally speaking to me.

    Thanks dear and have a blessed New Year. Hoping to read more from you :-)

    1. Thank you for stopping by..Glad the post was of help


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