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What's In My Bag

Hello from this other side beautiful people. Been feeling so uninspired to blog lately and that explains my silence for the past few days. I however decided to break the silence with a simple post on 'What's in my Bag' which is contrary to my usual outfit posts. 

It's been a while since I did a post on this so I decided hey!Why not? I do hope you enjoy taking a peek into what I carry in my bag. Feel free to let me know in the comments section what you can never leave the house without and also what you think a girl needs to have in her bag that I may have forgotten to include.

1. Spectacles
2. My phone
3. Sunglasses in case the weather decided otherwise
4. Notebook and pen (very important in case of impromptu meetings) or situations where you may need to note down something; I know we are digital nowadays but believe me a notebook can come in handy in situations you could never imagine

4. USB Cable 
5. Small ladies purse that you can use for days when you don't feel like carrying your bag around

6. Toiletries bag (The one with patterns)  
7. Wet Wipes
8. Vaseline 
 9. Hand Lotion
10. Makeup (Lipstick, Foundation, Foundation Brush etc; I normally keep mine in a makeup bag only that I didn't capture it as part of the pics)
11. Small bottle of cologne 
12. Pocket Tissues 
13. Luron NailPolish Remover Pads (Chipped nail polish is a turn off)

14. Superglue (This one you can never miss in my bag)
15. Nail cutter (Not just for cutting nails; can also be used for cutting those hanging hemlines)
16.Cotton buds

17. Bottle of water (A must!You gotta be hydrated..)

Hope you enjoyed ☺☺

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  1. Wow...nice.what camera did you use to capture the items above

    1. Thanks a lot dear..Am not so sure about the exact make since I longer have it in my possession but its a CANON.

  2. Love tea? What does it do? Lol. Great post dear

    1. Look at you,,hahahaa I know what you are thinking
      Its just kawaida tea..btw haitakufanya ati feelings zipande or anything hahaha
      You just give it to someone you love.. :-)

  3. Loved it nice photos too

  4. Lovely post Mami.I always have my mini bag with medication (pain killers,eno,elastoplast) and my tailor bag with a set of needles,thread and safety pins,coin purse Plus a satin scarf

    1. Safety pins, a needle and thread are very important. Thanks for the heads up
      Thanks too for stopping by Emilly..xx

  5. Beautiful, so organised, I love it!great shots...


  6. Nice one so you always have to carry a big bag , it really organized and love the lipsticks I cannot go out without my notebook ,Vaseline ,wallet and if I wore lipstick that day he has to be I as well thanks for posting dear always. Leisure to come back after a long silence right xoxo

    1. Thanks for stopping by dear
      Have a lovely week..xx

  7. Wow you carry quiet a lot of things in your bag.It shows that you are prepared for anything.x


  8. i love whats in my bag post lol and this was a nice one, the photos were perfect.
    love it!



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