Introducing You to Najali

Hello from this other side beautiful people... Thank you so much for the amazing feedback from my previous post.  So today I will be ...

Hello from this other side beautiful people...
Thank you so much for the amazing feedback from my previous post. 

So today I will be filling you in on more about Najali. As I had mentioned earlier, Najali is a Swahili word meaning I care. The campaign was initiated by Bella, a fashion blogger at bellathecoffeeberry who reached out to me and four other ladies; Leah, Jackie, Esther and Aimie and told us about this great project she had in mind and low and behold..Najali came to be!

As Najali, Our Vision is to see women supporting and empowering each other. 

Our Mission is to inspire women outside there by sharing our stories and giving an opportunity to other women to also share their stories. We also hope to encourage women to be better versions of themselves and at the same time we hope to inform by raising awareness on issues currently affecting women like the current rise in breast and cervical cancers, girl child minimal progress in education, domestic violence, childhood marriages and also participation in events such as International Women's Day among others.

Our objectives
To build a network of women who support each other.
To give an opportunity to other women to share their stories.
To create a forum for discussion.
To blog for a purpose by generating productive high quality fashionable content.

We are living in a generation where women are finding it hard to accept themselves the way they are. We are going to certain extremes just to look beautiful and feel accepted. We do not realize that we are all unique in our own ways and we have to accept ourselves and our flaws because that is the first step to self confidence. I do believe that by giving another woman an opportunity to share their story on this platform, someone somewhere will be inspired to become a better version of themselves.

Thank you for your time.
It's always a pleasure reading your comments so make sure to leave as many.

Till next time

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  2. This is amazing thing you guys are doing. Keep up with Najali....

  3. Love it hunny.... Cheers to the future :* :*

  4. This is amazing. Keep up the great work it's always good to see women coming together for a greater purpose

  5. This is amazing,,,and you ladies are gorgeous

  6. I love what you have right there, an amazing idea. Something that will be good for women empowerment. Beautifull all of you.

  7. This is such a great idea....Well done!!!

  8. very inspiring idea. Keep up the great work

  9. all you ladies looking so gorgeous in those african prints love love bravo for the campaign

  10. What are the names and blogs of the other ladies?

    1. I have mentioned their names in the 2nd paragraph which when clicked directs you to their blogs.

  11. welldone.! you ladies look stunning!


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