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The Art of Walking in Heels

Ever wondered how some ladies manage to walk in 4 inch heels for a whole day? Are you the type of lady who will wear a similar inch and basically stumble the whole day?  Let's just say walking in heels is an art that needs to be mastered first. Personally, I just started wearing heels like a year ago. I have always been a doll shoes kinda lady but thanks to blogging, I have styled up! However, I spend most of my time in flats because they are comfortable..no doubt about that!

Truth be told, a number of ladies do struggle when it comes to walking in heels. Reason being, either we do not invest in the right pair or we are just over ambitious. How do you expect to be able to walk in say a 4 inch yet its your first day of wearing heels? You gotta start somewhere folks. 

So for today's post I will be sharing with you 3 key points on how you can perfect the art of walking in heels. I am not perfect myself coz am still trying to get used to walking in heels.

1. Comfort is key
Ensure that you are comfortable in the pair you are in. In as much as your outfit may be out of this world but you are not comfortable in the pair of heels you have on, it automatically kills your confidence and instead of people focusing on your smartness they basically focus on how much you are struggling to walk, so ladies go for an inch that you find comfortable to walk in. In fact, when shoe shopping always make it a habit to try on the shoe and even walk around in it so you can be sure that you have the perfect comfortable shoe for yourself. If it's that pair of Louboutin that you find comfortable, go for it and if it's that blocked heel sandal, good for you but always ensure that you choose comfort. 

2. Practice
Practice makes perfect. Wear them in the house or to church until you are confident enough to walk in them along the streets. Learning the art of walking in heels requires a lot of practice and patience. 

3. Start small
If you have never walked in heels before, do not imagine that you can strut along the office corridors in that 4 inch Louboutin like Olivia Pope otherwise you will be subjecting yourself to pain, embarrassment and possibly a fall. Start with a 2 inch or opt for a wedge or blocked heel. In fact, to make you feel better, blocked heels are currently on trend so don't you worry..you won't look old fashioned. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post. 

Until next time..
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  1. Now you're speaking my language... I loooove heels!

  2. You know am also a sneaker kind of person and doll shoes or flats in general and I do heels from time to time but sure comfort and the right size comes first, over the years I have learnt that you can only have that shoe if it fits perfectly and feels comfortable to walk in and not because it looks nice or its on sale,or cause it looked great on someone else!
    Great post dear
    Enjoy your Week


  3. Comfort is definetly key Linda! Couldn`t agree more...
    I just cleaned out most of the shoes which were sitting on my shelf for decoration purposes. I have reached a point in my life in which i`m all about Comfort. I have been loving sneakers the most. You will most likely find me in my sneakers when we meet on the streets haha :)
    But a great tipp is to always practise...

    1. Thanks Milly for stopping by..Have a lovely weekend..xx

  4. This is so helpful. Walking in heels is definitely not my piece of cake but I'm on my way to getting good at it

    1. Glad it was of help..Thanks for stopping by..xx

  5. heels are bae. they work out like magic, able to transform even the most boring outfit into a million dollar look...



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