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Work Wear Ideas (2)

Good morning?
Thank you all for the amazing feedback on my first look for the 'Work Wear Ideas' series..you rock!
So still focusing on 'Work Wear Ideas', while putting together my outfit for the second look, I put into consideration the Nairobi weather and went for a turtle neck to…

The Art of Walking in Heels

Ever wondered how some ladies manage to walk in 4 inch heels for a whole day? Are you the type of lady who will wear a similar inch and basically stumble the whole day?  Let's just say walking in heels is an art that needs to be mastered first. Personally, I just started wearing heels like a y…

Work Wear Ideas (1)

Good morning beautiful people..
So for the next few weeks, am planning on doing a series on 'Work Wear Ideas'. I realized that I rarely post outfits for work so the next couple of posts will cater for that.
For my first look, I opted for a pair of checked pants which I paired with a white …

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