Its Giveaway Time (CLOSED)

Guess what? Its giveaway time..yaaaaiy..! So what's up for grabs? 1. A girly notebook..which I believe every lady should own :-) ...

Guess what? Its giveaway time..yaaaaiy..!

So what's up for grabs?
1. A girly notebook..which I believe every lady should own :-)
2. CAMAY Hand and Body Lotion to carry in your handbag :-) 
3.URBAN DECAY Lipstick in Red
4.2 Blue Heaven Lipsticks in Red and Purple

The rules are pretty simple...
Just comment below by telling me why you deserve to win and I will choose a winner on the 28th of February. 
All the best.

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  1. I would really really love the gifts, I've been sick for almost a week now :( (and Urban decay is simply divine!!! ❤❤

    Please pick me 😚

  2. First of all would like to commend you on your blog linda its really growing and ur surely headed to places..Ill tell you why I deserve the gifts.I detested make up with all my heart well coz I had tomboy traits but I recently underwent a journey of self discovery and alas Im slowly embracing make up slowly..The chiq in me is coming out and I would greatly appreciate you journeying with me in this journey of by sharing tge gifts with me especially the red lipstick it makes you stand out and most importantly gives a woman a different level of confidence..

    Please pick me..����

    1. Kindly get back to me on how to pick your goodies.

  3. I love the gifts displayed above and the reason why I deserve the gifts is that 28th February will be my birthday and having the Blue Heaven Lipsticks in Red and Purple would really enhance my look towards the new year in style.

    Please pick me ���

  4. First of all you being my favorite blogger. I really love your style and and your personality mmmmh your humility madam,you always have a lot of love to give there is much I would like to write about you but this space is not enough. So please just bless me with the girly notebook..which I believe I should own and continue to write more about you and how you are a blessing not only to me but to many others.

  5. Linda, i would like the gifts because i am an Avid reader of your FB and Blog. Diary for my daily schedule and planning, lipstick to enhance my beauty and lotion for application when my hands are dry.

  6. February hasnt been much of a good month for me alot of transitions n loss n finding solace in one thing reinventing myself started with a hair cut now on the road to good skin care and lip game...with your freebies it will help in knowing right products to use and the colours u know dark skin any colour goes....with the notebook it will help in noting down must haves..dont dos..n dos....hopin ul pick me

  7. Hey, I Absolutely Love your blog. I deserve the gift coz as a young mom at times feel like I need to treat myself

  8. Waves frantically after seeing the Urban Decay*

    Ps this is the easiest giveaway I think I have seen! Not so tasky! Win!!

    I would like to win the urban decay because lipstick is life!! And I have found a deep appreciation for red lipsticks in particular. The kind that speaks confidence to a woman!

    The book isn't too bad either lol

  9. I am simply a tomboy, with no list of makeup in my world, save for a lip balm...this would be a perfect point to start and

  10. I would really, really like to win....☺ because, I'm such a girly girl and I absolutely love make up. That would totally make my month. ☺

  11. Thank you for this chance and of course i would reaaaaally love to win this. Mainly cause I have never tried any Urban Decay product and I am just loving that red lipstick <3

  12. Gosh,I want everything.... Is that an option? Or any of those simply because you and I are connected like that (Ya feel me)*wink* twud truly spruce up my day :)

  13. First things first. All time favorite blogger. Second, I love how you put in different kinds of pieces and simply fall into place. Like magic!!
    You inspire alot. For real.
    I would love the 2 Blue heaven lipsticks,red and blue because these enhance a lady's look and turn us into pretty queens we all are.
    I would love to enhance my look even more with your great giveaways!
    Thanks Linda.

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  15. Today is my 35th birthday and I would be thrilled to win these! Thanks so much for the chance. Fingers crossed! I really love that lipstick.

  16. this wouild be awesome to win!

    mijulin at cox dot net

  17. I'd love to win because I love lipsticks!

  18. I think I deserve to win because I am just getting out of my monochrome shell and trying out new things when it comes to fashion and make up. This would really go a long way in making this possible 😊
    Pick me pls! 🙋

  19. I've been getting into beauty products lately after realizing that true beauty is loving what's underneath. Having such a mindset helps me explore and enjoy makeup that much more! So these lip products would be a great way to continue my venture into this world of beauty.

    angelican3 [at] hotmail [dot] com

  20. so kind of you to do giveaways Linda!
    Hope you choose the winner wisely and find the best
    Enjoy your evening dear


  21. Love meeting another linda :) So in love with that lotion! I'm a nurse and the gloves and all of the other things that my hands are exposed to make them a tad dry so I'd love the lotion.


  22. super fun giveaway! I'd love this for the lipsticks

    linjumimom at aol dot com

  23. Notebook, 2 lipsticks and a hand lotion!! These are amazing giveaways and any girl would be lucky to win them!


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