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I know I've been MIA but guess what?Am back! I haven't been in good health for the past few weeks but am currently on medication and hopefully I will be back to frequent blogging. I want to believe you are all keeping well despite this cold weather which am really hoping will come to a halt come January. 

 The year is coming to a close and we all are looking forward to the festive season; a time to make merry with our loved ones. However many of us actually forget to take this time to also give back to the society as a way of telling God that you are grateful for the blessings He continues to bestow upon you. For many of us waking up in good health is just but a routine yet what you don't realize is that someone else is fighting for their life in hospital; another is sleeping hungry in the cold but you on the other hand are in good health and you have never lacked. So I challenge you today to always make it a habit to pray and be thankful to God at all times.

Back to my post for today, we are talking pleats; which obviously takes most of you back to your primary/high school days when pleats used to be part of your school uniform. Then, if you gave me a pleated dress or skirt am not so sure I'd wear it but come 2015 I most definitely would rock it! Pleats are gracing our fashion shows and red carpets and I just love how feminine they make a lady look. 

For today's look I decided to go with a maxi pleated dress courtesy of my mum. Enjoy today's post, leave a comment; its always my joy reading them and have yourselves an awesome week ahead.

Linda's World of Style.

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Photo credits: Prime_photografi


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  1. Its just amazing how repetitive fashion can be. Looking effortlessly amazing dear.

  2. Definitely I wouldn't have worn pleats back then but now I cant wait to get one..that dress looks good on you..

  3. Back then, it was for our grandmothers or older women, but now we can slay them. That dress is beautiful and you look graceful and gorgeous.


  4. It is so good to have you back. Sorry dear about your sickness, God is your strength. You look stunning in this dress.


  5. I love it! that dress is so retro!

  6. its a beautiful dress..

    get well soon.. xoxo

  7. Happy new month !!

    Get well soon.. love the look with the pleated maxi

    xx Wangu


  8. Get well soon in Jesus name!! Thanks for the immense love you have been showing me by passing by my blog and leaving comments, I appreciate it. Your dress is on fire and pleats are bae in 2015!!! Your toe nails are so pretty. You slayed this post hun!!

    1. Anytime..its my joy dropping by your blog..!
      Thanks a lot for the kind words..

  9. This dress is all shades of lovely. It's Maxi, it's Polka dotted, it's got pleats and the drop neck. Niceeee.

    Get well soon love

    Style Feature Ik

    1. 3 in 1..Too awesome..right?
      Thanks so much dear..xx

  10. Totally in love with the pleated number, what I like about the dress you've worn is that it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Great post and styling! Cool tote!

    1. Thanks so much Yvonne and thanks for dropping by..

  11. Hope you are feeling better now hun. The dress print is so beautiful and comfy. It has summer written all over it

  12. And this is how SIMPLICITY meets ELEGANCE........... Looooooooove :*

  13. Definitely happy to hear you are on the mend!!! This dress is so beautiful and you look like a total Goddess in it!!!

    1. Thank you so much Audrey and thanks for dropping by.. :-)

  14. 2015 definitely brought back trends, I couldn't help but remember someone's baggy dress and now pleats....
    And thank you for reminding everyone that it's Time to give back not to just merry lol
    Beautiful post dear


  15. I like it.I'm a fan of polka dots too.This certainly reminds me of those years


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