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Hi *waves in excitement*
I know I've been MIA but guess what?Am back! I haven't been in good health for the past few weeks but am currently on medication and hopefully I will be back to frequent blogging. I want to believe you are all keeping well despite this cold weather which am really …

What [NOT] to Wear To a Job Interview

What do I wear to the interview? This is a question millions of people around the world think over when planning to go for an interview. The way you dress to a job interview makes a huge statement about yourself before you even open your mouth. 
Whether you know it or not, your appearance is the f…

Long Coats..

Its only in Kenya where you can actually experience the pleasure of having three seasons in a day. You wake up in the morning and its cold, by the time its lunchtime you are already sweating but then again when it gets to evening you are actually glad that you carried your trench coat with you. Ve…

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