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Style Feature:Charlotte

We are living in a generation where ladies are going to certain extremes just to change the way they look. Just because you are not curvy in all the right places or skinny as a model doesn't mean you aren't beautiful. It shouldn't in any way change the way you feel about yourself because the minute you start comparing yourself to others you will never be satisfied with yourself.

It is said that comparison is the worst form of violence and I totally agree. Comparing yourself to others will just make you numb to all the other awesome things about yourself. You will spend the rest of your life trying to be like so and so.. So ladies I want to challenge you today to look at the mirror, smile and feel confident about yourself. Slim or curvy, short or tall, dark or light-skinned.. you are beautiful!
Speaking of curves, I will be featuring a beautiful lady on the blog today by the name Charlotte Nyachucha. A 20 something year old whose sense of style is just out of this world! She is trendy and knows just how to dress her curves. She is the true definition of beauty.. and her warm smile will just brighten you up. Am so glad to have been granted this opportunity to feature her..Thanks Charlotte!Keep slaying!..:-)

So let's get to meet her..


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  1. I liike the yellow n black dress.It's so classy on her

  2. Beautiful.

  3. Beautiful write up. Charlotte is a beautiful girl, And I really love the pose wer she is on a tree.


  4. Your friend is a beautiful African woman and her curves are valid. You are right about not changing how we look because each of us carries a certain beauty whether skinny or curvy. Comparison is the diet of failre. Ati let's go meet her and she is right there on on the blog....inside joke.

    1. I know right?Curves for days..thanks for dropping by:-)

  5. Lovely post,
    Her brown sandals are so cute, I love sandals, soo.... 😝😝


  6. First of all I think your Blog looks great. Its totally different !
    Your friend is one lucky girl cause those curve look more than Amazing in anything she wears and the level of colour blocking in here leaves me all smiles. I personally love coulour and I think we as Dark skinned women look more than gorgeous when we wear and embrace colours. The long dress really looks great with the flat sandals I just love mustard together with that forest green tone put together!
    Wish you a lovely Week Linda


    1. Aaaw thanks a lot hun.
      Yes she is..I will let her know..
      Lovely week to you too dear..xx


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