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I don't think there is ever a wrong time for a polka dot..Marc Jacobs
Yes!You heard it right. From the red carpet, to dinner, to the office..the polka dot trend most definitely works for any occasion and there is absolutely no wrong timing for it. Ladies this one obviously counts as another ward…

20 Random Facts About Me

1. Fave color Royal Blue 2. Am shy Many think am quite the snob but truth is am very shy. 3. Ultimate meal:  Rice and Beans 4. Hobbies: Playing the acoustic guitar; Going for gigs; Watching Series 5. Heels or Flats:  Flats 6. I always carry super glue in my bag. 7. Favorite artist:  Atemi Oyungu 8. Fears…

5 Types of Bags a Lady Must Own

Happy New Month dear readers..:-)

Today's post is all about handbags and I will be showing you 5 types of handbags a lady shouldn't miss in her closet. You don't want to be spotted carrying the same bag to a wedding, to the office, to church, for a night out..
1. The Evening Clutch Who …

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