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Checked Pants & Coloured Blazers

By now you must have noticed my love for blazers especially brightly colored ones is for real..:-) 
 For today's look I decided to try a purple blazer which I wasn't so sure about as to whether it would look good with the pants but I was happy with how the whole look turned out. 


Tips on accessorizing

Accessories are a perfect way to bring life to a rather boring outfit. By accessories here I mean belts and jewelry (necklaces, trinkets, rings, earrings, bracelets, watches, bangles etc) 
As a lady, you obviously want to make a statement wherever you go by putting on bold accessories but sometime…

My blog is a year old!

When you strive to be the person God made you to be then you will find real meaning, purpose, satisfaction and fulfillment~Rick Warren

Guess whose blog turned a year old? Yaaaaaaaaiy! I feel like an elated winner of a contest right now. I mean? A year already?! Who knew I'd come this far with th…

5 belts a lady should own

Hi..*waves back*

So I decided to add a new segment to the blog where I will get to share with you style tips and show you different ways of doing things. Normal is obviously boring.

Say for instance if you keep on wearing the same dress in the same way all the time then it suddenly becomes monoton…

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