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Amazing facts about Vaseline

Morning all? So today I will be sharing amazing facts about Vaseline you probably had no clue about. If there's one thing you shouldn't be missing in your bag ladies, its gotta be Vaseline.
1. Did you know that if you want your perfume to last all day, Vaseline is the solution to this? 
Yes. Rub a spot of it onto your skin then spray your fragrance over it. Vaseline is scent-free so it won’t affect the smell but the perfume will adhere to the Vaseline and stay there for hours.
To get some bonus time, avoid spraying perfume on your wrists. Between hand washing and just rubbing against your sleeve, it wears off too fast. Go for your ankles, the nape of your neck, or at your cleavage to make the scent linger longer.

2.If you are dealing with a running nose like I am now, you tend to blow your nose too much and the lips also become dry and flaky; so rub a bit of Vaseline around your nostrils. It’ll keep the area hydrated and prevent that red, peeling look that comes from blowing your nose too much. Also put a bit of it on your lips to prevent them from cracking and becoming even more painful.

3.Putting the cold aside, if on a normal day you are dealing with flaky lips, get some Vaseline and mix in a little bit of salt or sugar. Simply rub it over your lips and then rinse off. It’ll take off the flakes and leave a light layer of hydrating oil. 

4. Soothe a Nasty Sunburn
Use some Vaseline to keep your sunburn under control. It’s soothing and it’ll lock in your skin’s moisture to prevent any peeling.

5.Vaseline as a make-up remover
Run out of your favorite make-up remover? No, don’t wash it off with face wash. First use Vaseline like you would your regular remover, and then use your face wash. Just put a bit of it on some cotton wool and clean your face..your skin will thank you for it and you ll never have to fall asleep with your make-up on again.

6. Stay Hydrated
Vaseline is an amazing moisturizer. It’s much cheaper than any facial moisturizer around and it does the job just as well. Don’t worry about breakouts either! Vaseline is non comedogenic, meaning that it won’t clog your pores.

7.The Ultimate Pedicure
Want a foot treatment that is both cheap and easy? Here’s one that you can do in your sleep! Add a layer of Vaseline to your feet then cover them up with socks. Your feet with be as smooth as a baby’s in the morning. If you need a serious pedicure, this will make the process much easier too. Once your skin is well hydrated, it’s much easier to exfoliate away the dry skin and deal with cuticles.

8.Brush your eyebrows with a little Vaseline to help them look groomed. Don’t use too much, though, as when you sweat, it’ll create a greasy mess on your forehead.

 9. Vaseline can be rubbed on teeth when lipstick is worn, to prevent those unsightly lipstick marks on teeth. However, a very tiny amount must be used, and NOT a huge blob. And for the long lasting lipsticks like Nouba that don't come off easily; just apply some Vaseline on your lips and wipe it off. It will clear all the lipstick from your lips.

10.Slide Your Jewellery Off
Dealing with swollen hands after a long day? Add a layer of Vaseline to your finger and your rings will glide right off. This is especially great for bangle bracelets too. It’s not always easy to find the right size bangle. If you’re wearing a tighter bangle, add a very thin coat to your hand and the bracelet will glide right up.

Bonus: Removing chewing gum from your hair. Don't ask me how chewing gum will end up on your hair but believe you me if you passed through that stage as a kid then you definitely never missed some stages of development.

Hope you got a few tips...
For more http://youqueen.com/beauty/uses-for-vaseline/
Thanks for reading..
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  1. thank you for the post been educated now

  2. Thanks for the heads up dear.You should have seen me trying to get a lippie off in one of my sessions.

  3. Cool post! I have been a big fan of Vaseline for a lot of beauty needs, but I had never heard of #1! I am going to try that out today. :)


  4. I had no idea Vaseline can be used as a make up remover..thanks for the useful infor Linda..important beauty hacks worth sharing ..

  5. Since I started using Vaseline as my make up remover and moisturizer as well, I have seen a significant change on the texture of my skin Linda! I couldn't really believe it dear. And since then I have never looked back. Vaseline is really good. Such an amazing product I must admit!

    1. Yes me too. Vaseline works so well for me I can never opt for something else..:-)

  6. just came across your blog and am loving it ...

    Love from Tanzania :)


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