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The Red Skater Dress

Its Friday..woop!woop!Does the happy dance..:-)

 So for today's post I decided to respond to a fan who asked me to do a feature on what to wear to a wedding and a skater dress happens to be one of them. Skater dresses are cute and flatter any body type. Just by accessorizing it right you can n…


Ever since I began blogging, one question I've had to put up with is how I manage to shop on a budget considering the fact that I have so many clothes..isn't that just too expensive? Truth is I actually spend so little owing to the fact that I either get my clothes tailor-made or mostly th…

Amazing facts about Vaseline

Morning all? So today I will be sharing amazing facts about Vaseline you probably had no clue about. If there's one thing you shouldn't be missing in your bag ladies, its gotta be Vaseline. 1. Did you know that if you want your perfume to last all day, Vaseline is the solution to this?  Ye…

Of Jumpsuits:Casual

A gorgeous alternative to dresses and skirts, jumpsuits have most definitely taken the fashion world by storm. This is one wardrobe staple you shouldn't be missing ladies. Jumpsuits can be worn in many different ways and here is one of them..

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Maxis and Hats

Its all about maxis and hats today..
So I actually chose this outfit randomly from my closet when I was going for my shoot. It actually wasn't among the outfits I had planned to post this week but at the end of the day it turned out to be my best. Its an outfit you can wear to an outdoor event…

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