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When is the best time to dispose of your make up?

Don't be surprised that most ladies will actually keep make up for up to a year with the excuse that it isn't finished. I must confess that am a victim but what we don't realize is that some of these products when used for quite a long time can cause great harm to our skin.

In fact, there’s one in every household that has the cosmetics graveyard. This is usually a drawer in the bathroom or bedroom where old, impulsively bought or out-of-season make up products go to their final rest.

So when is the best time to get rid of make-up?
-If it's an opened mascara or eye-liner more than six months old, you should throw it out. After about three months, liquid eye products start to gather a lot of bacteria and can irritate you or give you an eye infection.

-Any old make-up sponges and brushes should go. After about a week of use, they start to harbor bacteria. Unless you've been sanitizing them every few days, using them can lead to breakouts.

-Any opened lipsticks, lip glosses, or lip liners should go if they're more than a year or so old.

-Nail polish separates and starts to break down after about a year, so anything you've got sitting around that's approaching or past that date and isn't on your fingers all the time should go.

-Powders — whether pressed or loose — stay good for about two years. So eye shadows, mineral make-up, etc.. have a pretty long shelf life. If you're not crazy about the color, or you don't wear it at least once a month, consider getting rid of it. The likelihood that you'll want to wear it or get any use out of it before it goes bad is low, and it'll just be taking up space.

-Make-up that's been sitting out in a sunny spot breaks down faster, so if you've got stuff that's been exposed to light or lots of hot days, and it's more than a few months old, you might consider getting rid of it.

-Make-up that was trendy a year ago and isn't something you love for the way it looks on you should go — it won't be back in before the expiration date.

-Liquid foundation lasts anywhere from one to two years depending on the formulation. If you've got older foundation you don't use all the time, throwing it out is probably a good idea.

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