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Patterned Pants:Casual

Hi..?Hoping you are enjoying the long weekend. 
Here's a part two of the Patterned Pants.
This time I dropped the heels and the blazer and went for a casual look.

Flats-Gift Sling Bag-Malaysia Bracelet-Gift   Posted in My Style

Stripes To the Office

Hello guys..Quick one for the evening. 

Blazer-Amal  Pants-Mutindwa Shoes-BuruBuru
Cheers:-) Posted in MyStyle

Patterned Pants:Formal

When we see patterned pants the first thing that comes to mind for most of us is..What will I pair them with? Yes..I totally agree that they may be challenging to style but hey!you gotta be creative; as long as you do not look like a clown though:-) 
There are a number of ways to rock patterned pa…

Prints to the Office

Who said Office Wear has to be the usual boring skirt suits and trouser suits? Play around with colours and prints and feel confident about yourself..:-)
So today I will show you how you can rock prints to the office. 

Blazer-Tailor Made Print top-Gift Pencil Skirt-Tailor Made Shoes-BuruBu…


Morning all..hoping your week is off to great start. You must have noticed by now that I have an ankara craze which I don't think will end any time soon. 
So I had this pics in my archives which I just felt I should post though they aren't so clear because I took them using my phone. Hope …

When is the best time to dispose of your make up?

Don't be surprised that most ladies will actually keep make up for up to a year with the excuse that it isn't finished. I must confess that am a victim but what we don't realize is that some of these products when used for quite a long time can cause great harm to our skin.
In fact, th…

20,000+ views..

So this afternoon I was checking out my blog only to realize that I am at 20,000+ views..yaaaaaiy!*jumps on top of the bed* Am so excited to have come this far. Thank you so so so much for always taking your time to read my posts. Means so much to me. I really appreciate..xx

Denim Shirt-Gift Ankar…

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