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What's in my bag?

Did you know that you can actually tell a lot about a lady just by her bag..? I realized that most ladies in as much as they may be smartly dressed in those breathtaking heels, you will be surprised that when you actually take a look into their bags they are a total mess! They have literally dumped everything inside.; from their tube of lipstick, to their toiletries, to their banana snack, to their electronic gadgets, to their face wipes,,,name it. 

Most of us will however argue that they we were in a hurry when leaving the house but that's no excuse at all..it doesn't even take 5 minutes to pack your stuff well. In fact it will even spare you minutes of having to look for something. Its unfortunate when you actually have to quickly pull out your purse from your bag to avoid anyone from seeing how untidy your bag is. What of when you are queuing in a bank or hospital and you happen to pull out your purse and maybe a handkerchief/tissue paper, wrappings of sweets and your tube of lipstick all fall and scatter everywhere? Embarrassing!!

Ladies you gotta be tidy! You don't want to go for an interview and every weird thing literally falls from your bag. So in conjunction with how organized your bag should be, I will show you what exactly I have in my bag on a daily basis and how I manage to keep it organised. Enjoy..

So to begin with,here's my bag..

Ladies I'd recommend you get bags with several compartments...say at least two compartments and a side pocket whereby if you don't have small bags to separately keep some stuff say toiletries then the side pockets could come in handy.

Personally I have 2 small bags; one for my makeup and another one for my toiletries. 
I also have another small one for keeping my sunglasses though I rarely carry them because I put on spectacles and if I have to put them on then it means I can't really see well...eye problems:-(

I also have my wallet and a small purse where I keep my coins. This way I don't have to spend minutes looking for coins in my bag and end up turning everything upside down just coz of say a ten shilling coin.

Basically here is what you'll find in my bag...
1. Water Bottle 
2. Notebook/Pen
3. Passport
4. Chewing gum
5. Pocket Tissues
6. Phone/Earphones/Power Bank/USB Cable
7. Stanaz
8.Wallet/Coin purse
9. Makeup bag/Toiletries Bag

Here is what you'll find in my make up bag
-Lip balm/Lipstick/Lip gloss
-Chewing Gum

-Small bottle of Bulgari cologne
-Vanity Kit(Sewing Kit/Cotton buds)
(Believe me this is one thing you shouldn't miss in your bag. A button from your blouse may come off any time.)
-Super glue
(Your shoe may tear, your bag handle may come off..name it. Very handy item!)
-Nail cutter/Nail file
-Hairpins..Very handy!

My Toiletries bag basically contains
-Sanitary pads. 
You obviously don't want to mix them up with everything in your bag.

Other key essentials you require are;
-An extra pair of sandals if necessary say when you have heels on
-An umbrella
-Wet wipes

I would really love to know what you have in your bags. 
Feel free to share and if there's any essential I missed feel free to let me know about it.

Hope you enjoyed today's post.

Until next time..Cheers!
And Happy Belated International Women's Day to you my reader!

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  1. Hey Linda,love the post...I agree that having order in ones bag is Key..I try my best to do that every single day..apart from getting a bag with several compartments,getting a well structured bag in terms of shape will also help get things in place..I have a separate kiondoo where I carry my flats/heels and umbrella..just to add to the essentials;safety pins,cardholder,pencil/pen pouch and a light shawl just incase

    1. Thanks for the tip on getting a structured bag in terms of shape..ill most definitely do that. And the other essentials you've mentioned are most definitely a requirement especially the safety pins..I don't know how I forgot about that..:-( Thanks a lot for the tips and thank you for reading..xx

  2. You should have seen this lady's locker in high school.. you could literarily just stand and admire it all day long..and wonder how many hours must have gone into all that neatness. ( yes,i did occasional peeps) not yet there..but getting there soon too...verry soon:) (hopefully the lazy days dont catch up with me again)

    1. Awwwww..yani unakumbuka bado? am so humbled dear. I love being organized..learnt it from my mum..she's a clean freak!
      Thank you for reading..xx

  3. Happens to me all the time I barely find anything in my bag and when I do it's tangled with something else.. am never keen on organization but this will really save me time and hustle of getting stuff

  4. I forgot to mention your photography is perfect the photos are captivating

    1. Can you imagine I actually took the photos myself using my brother's camera without even editing? Someone's becoming a pro,,,sema career change..lol! Thanks dear.

  5. All your bag arrangers are something i need. I can't remember a day my bag was organised, am so clumsy.
    Totally agree on the superglue and the sewing kit, you never know when a shoe or button decides to misbehave, better be prepared.


    1. Yea you should invest in one..Totally helps! Thanks for reading..xx

  6. Thank you for this tip Lindah.. My bag is usually a total mess with everything everywhere.. Thanks to you now am proud of my bag..

    1. Hahahaaa...Am happy I helped you. Thanks for reading..xx

  7. Love your bag and everything in it,i also love organizing my bag too

  8. True,,sometimes less is more. Thanks a lot..xx


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