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Keeping It Stylish In The Cold

Morning all? The past few weeks have been so cold and for some of us dressing for such kind of weather can be so much of a headache especially when your closet is just full of light clothes.

 Ladies I know you still wanna look stylish and fashionable despite the cold but please let's not punish ourselves by dressing as if we are still in the hot season. Yes..you obviously know what I mean. Putting on those mini skirts and cleavages in such kind of weather wouldn't be the best of decisions now. Yes you can still put on that mini skirt but pair it up with thick stockings or at least tights. For the cleavage you can throw in a colored scarf and still rock that look..!

So ladies I wanna show you a few outfit combinations you can rock in this cold season and still look stylish..yet still avoid the hustles that come with this rainy, cold season.

1. Who said maxis are just for the hot season..? 
Throw in a pair of boots and a scarf and perhaps a denim or leather jacket and you are good to go.

2. Rock that short skirts ladies. However, ensure you are warm enough by at least throwing in a scarf or trench coat then finish up the look in a pair of boots.

3. Sweat shirts are obviously a staple you shouldn't miss in this cold season.

4.Don't give excuses for not dressing up for dinner just because its cold.
You can still rock that black sexy dress and killer heels yet still throw in a coat on top which you can remove once you are indoors.

5. Don't keep your distressed jeans at the uttermost corner of your wardrobe just cause the hot season has come to an end. 

Pair them with a heavy cardigan.

6. Am not quite a fan of tights and leggings but rocking them with a heavy sweater and boots would as well be an ideal outfit in such weather.

7. Ladies there is no reason you shouldn't dress up to work cause its cold. You can still put on your pencil skirts though this time I'd recommend you go for midi skirts. They're long enough to cover your legs just perfect; yet still give room to show some bit of leg..I mean?

For those of us who are used to trousers and flats, throw in a coat on top, jewellery and finish the look with a classy bag so you still manage to look stylish despite being all covered up.

Let's remember to keep it warm and stylish.

Hope you enjoyed today's read.
Catch up with you later.
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