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Hello..? Hoping you had a great weekend. A while back I had promised you guys a post on Ankara+Chiffon and am glad to say that I finally got to fulfill my promise:-)

 I seem to prefer custom-made outfits nowadays to newly buys. This way it actually gives me a chance to choose my own unique designs which fit me just the way I want them to and its cheap..Yes it is..! Believe it or not buying new dresses can be so costly.

Ankara is a trend that has been there for a while now. Yet still, it keeps getting better by the day.

 Ever got to attend some of these outdoor events like Blankets n Wine or Koroga Festival..? You'll be amazed at how Kenyans can be so creative when it comes to this versatile piece. Pair it with denim, chiffon..name it...it looks so good to the point you'll just want to get yourself one. Ankara is most definitely another staple you don't wanna miss in your closet..!

Dress-Custom Made
Neck piece- City Center (Dubois)
Metallic Slim Belt-Online

Thanks for your time..:-)
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  1. Wow! I wana get a tailor that is just like yours :-)
    Lovely lovely dress


  2. I feel you sister. Tailor made outfits are the best. Love the dress :)

    1. Yes they are...:-) Thanks a lot and thank you for checking out my blog..Appreciate it..xx

  3. Would totally rock that outfit. Love it :)

  4. I love this drees , so youthful and vibrant and Tailored just for you...i do agree..tailored sometimes is the best way to go.

  5. Love love love.perfection at its best


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