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Keeping It Stylish In The Cold

Morning all? The past few weeks have been so cold and for some of us dressing for such kind of weather can be so much of a headache especially when your closet is just full of light clothes.
 Ladies I know you still wanna look stylish and fashionable despite the cold but please let's not punis…

Monday Blues

Morning all? Its Monday..again!
Can you imagine the month of March is almost coming to a close? Easter is next week...so excited for this long holiday. Saturday and Sunday have never been enough for me to rest and I just cant wait for an additional two days to just relax. Yaaaiy..!
Hoping your Mon…

What's in my bag?

Did you know that you can actually tell a lot about a lady just by her bag..? I realized that most ladies in as much as they may be smartly dressed in those breathtaking heels, you will be surprised that when you actually take a look into their bags they are a total mess! They have literally dumpe…

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