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Tips to Improve Your Complexion

Afternoon all? Hoping your week is off to a great start. So ladies today I felt I should share a few tips on how to transform your complexion,,its never too late..!

1.Drink lots of water
One of the best ways to transform your complexion is to get your daily 8 glasses of water. You can easily increase that to 10-12 glasses and perhaps see even more benefits.

Drinking water is like magic for your skin. You can virtually eliminate the problem of having dry skin by doing this. Additionally, your skin will have a beautiful and natural glow from drinking adequate water each day.

One thing that can actually motivate you into doing this is to get a pretty water bottle that you can't resist carrying because of how good it looks and while you are it just ensure it has water in it and trust me you'll end up taking that water and before you realize it, it will be a habit.

Speaking from experience..believe it or not nowadays I drink up to 4 litres of water daily.

2.Use the right skin care formula
Many women have complexion woes because they are using the wrong skincare formula.  If you are unsure what skin type you have, ask an expert. Don't go asking any beautician you find in a beauty shop..chances are they'll sell to you a wrong product maybe coz they want to get rid of it or just so you spend much money on it which is income for them.You could talk to your doctor or even someone trained in skincare.

Exfoliation should be a part of every skin care regimen because it lifts dry, dull skin and allows products to penetrate and work more effectively. Look for exfoliating formulas with fruit enzymes  . They gently dissolve dead skin. Stay away from products containing sharp nuts or seeds, because they can actually damage skin.

 Make it a habit to sometimes exfoliate with steam. 
Steaming not only warms the skin, it also adds moisture and hydration to soften skin.

4.Always wash your face before bed 
Do not go to sleep with your make up on. Problem is sometimes you are just so tired! There are always nights where you are just too exhausted to make it to the sink. But truth of the matter is you are setting yourself up for skin problems when you do this.

However, there are a couple of solutions to help with this. Wash your make up off before you get that tired or keep a package of make up removing cloths on your night stand for that exact reason.

And you don't need to have make up on in order to wash your face. Take for example with the hot Nairobi weather of late,,,imagine all that sweat, the dust particles and the frequent touching touching of your face..? All these are major causes of skin problems so let's learn to make this a habit and you'll obviously note a difference in your complexion.

5.Apply sunscreen 
Sun protection is the single most important element for healthy skin. Sun degrades the skin’s collagen and elastin, and affects our body’s ability to create healthy new cells. So make it a resolution to never leave the house without applying sunscreen.

6.Live Healthy
Living healthy can be a very important part of transforming your complexion. If you are living a healthy lifestyle, it will show on your face. It will also show if you aren't. What is a healthy lifestyle? Getting enough sleep, eating right and avoiding bad habits like smoking and drinking.

7.Get your allergies under control
Did you know that allergies can contribute to your complexion issues? They most certainly can. Allergy sufferers are more likely to suffer from dark circles under their eyes. Hives and eczema can also contribute to issues with your complexion. If you feel your allergies are not under control, consult your family doctor or allergist for help.

8.Get regular facials.
 Exactly how often you need a facial depends on your skin type. Be sure to discuss any issues you’re having before you begin so your aesthetician can choose a treatment that is targeted for your skin type. You could also choose to do a home made facial so you cut on costs that would otherwise have been incurred in a Salon.

9.See a dermatologist
If you aren't seeing any results or enough of a result to satisfy you, it may be time to consult a dermatologist. Although all of the measures mentioned here will help, sometimes you have skin needs beyond what these tips can offer. A dermatologist can work with you to address your specific skin needs. Whether the issues are acne or something else, they are equipped to handle them. Seeing a dermatologist is a wise choice if your skin is continuing to be an issue despite your best efforts.

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  1. Trying the water trick but its so hard:-( 8 glasses a day. This just motivated me to pull up my socks.Thanks Linda.:-).www.proudlyelled.com

    1. Trust me its never easy when you start but getting myself a water bottle and carrying it every day to work has really helped me a lot and believe me you will notice a big difference on your face..it works. The glow afterwards is just amazing. Give it a try..!

  2. Looks helpful and promising

  3. I got the water down...(thats two litters everday) whats hard is the washing the make up of..... Ok in my defence i dont apply makeup at all.... I just do lipstick and eyeliner. Thats good for a day out and since i dont go out alot i dont think k need much..... Facials oh facials... I bearly get those.... I need to start asap... Together with sunscreen. Nice post i like


    1. Thank you for your comment because it has actually made me realize that I didn't put the bit of washing the face even with no make up which is really important. Imagine all that dirt, dust and sweat that accumulates on your face on a normal day..leave alone that.When you touch touch your face all the time..all these are a major cause of skin problems so its advisable to wash your face before bed. Thanks for reading..xx

  4. Definitely trying them out

  5. This should be a reminder to my self.
    I have actually started fasting {Meaning 40 days without french fries which started today} Let's see how loyal I can be.


    1. Heheheee that sounds interesting. Wishing you the very best..for me I have decided I'll be doing fries once a week which is at least 3 times in a month...:-)

      Thanks for checking out my blog:-)


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