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8 Gift Ideas for Him on Valentines

Happy new month lovely reader? Imagine we are already into the second month of the year..so fast right? Just the other day we were counting down into the New Year yet now we are one month down.

Cheers to the new month, February; the month of love. Now that Valentines Day is around the corner I felt it was best to do a post related to this special day. So ladies I decided to do a post on gift ideas that could come in handy as you look for ways to wow your loved ones,,,

1. Designer Cologne
You can never go wrong when it comes to cologne. 
Just find the perfect designer cologne with the perfect scent and you are good to go.

2. Watch
Its very  rare to come across a guy who doesn't wear a watch as an accessory 
so a watch would come in as an ideal gift.

3.Executive Pen/Wallet

4. A tie

5.Cuff links
Very pocket-friendly. Just perfect! 

6. A belt

7. A nice custom-made cup written 'I love you' 

8.A pair of socks
Its a fact that most guys actually own if not one then two pairs of torn socks..true or not? 
So what more can a guy ask?

Let's remember though that Valentines Day is not only a day for couples. Your mum could be your valentines and so could your friend. So take this time to appreciate all the loved ones in your life. Life is too short. 

Remember to also offer yourself the same thing you'd give to all of the loved ones in your life and make the effort to show yourself a little love! Go for a manicure-pedicure, massage, treat yourself to some 
ice-cream,pizza..name it..!

So Happy Early Valentines Day to you my reader..


  1. I tend to think lately valentines is overrated ....however..love the post....and I look forward to my valentines gift from you

    1. Yea I know especially for those who still wear red on this particular day..My valentines gift for you is coming..don't you worry:-)

  2. i like them alll.. lovely choices


  3. Nice ideas....I love ..


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