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The Tulle Midi-Skirt

Its 13 days already into the New Year but I want to believe my greetings still count so Happy New Year to you my reader...:-) Am hoping 2015 is off to a great start for you. 

So what are your plans this year? Still working on those resolutions? Personally I don't believe much in resolutions because at the end of the day I never get to fulfill them. I always feel that setting goals seems more realistic because it gives you a certain direction in life and at the end of it you find that it actually contributes to boosting your self confidence as an individual. 

Doesn't it feel good at the end of the day once you realize you have achieved your goals? Of course it does.. So don't just set goals, set realistic goals. 

Someone once said that "Living a life without setting goals is like sailing a ship without having a planned course: you're likely to end up somewhere that you wouldn't want to go! This is why you need to set goals to develop yourself and achieve your dreams". 

Back to my post for today, I will be featuring a Tulle Skirt and here are the outfit details...

Tulle Skirt-Ngara
Heels-Buru Buru
Metallic Belt-Dubois

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  1. You look lovely and I wish I could come for those heels ;)


  2. Love the look Miss!



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