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How organised are you ladies?

It is quite interesting that most of us ladies actually have a lot of jewellery yet we don't know how to store them. Ladies am talking of those mornings you happen to oversleep and you are in a hurry to get to work on time yet you have to look good.

 What happens when you can't find your favorite pair of earings? You simply overturn your jewellery box so you could easily spot that pair you need and all you do is end up leaving tangled clump of chains and trinkets, earings, bracelets and before you realize it your dressing table actually looks like a tangle of treasure. 

 At the end of the day what you have to put up with are hours of frustration looking for missing earring backs and attempting to separate those silver chains which at times end up being cut because of the tangling. 

Organizing your life may seem more tasking for now but it takes small to be big..we all start somewhere in order to be where we want to be, don't we? So basically start by organizing the small simple things in your life then the rest will fall into place:-) 

So for today I will show you how I organize my jewellery so I never have to give silly excuses for getting late or put up with buying jewellery every now and then because of mishandling.

These are what I use to store my jewellery..

Here's what I use to store my bangles and bracelets.. 

Then we have this small organizer container I got as a gift from mum. At first I didn't actually know what I would use it for but later on I got to discover its importance..

For my neck pieces I use this. 
Makes it so easy to pick what I need.

Then we have this pretty one I also got as a gift from my mum.
Its where I store my other necklaces..

Then finally I have this other smaller organizer which I use for my earings.
This way am able to easily get a hold of even the tiniest of them.

Here are a few other tips for you;
1. Try to keep all your items in sight so it makes it easier to actually find what you are looking for.

2. For your necklaces, store them individually; like for me I store my African neck pieces separately from my pendants and silver chains. Its even much better and easier if you invest in a holder or you could mount a small nail on your wall and hang them there.

3. For your bracelets and bangles you could also choose to hang them or compartmentalize them in drawers. Good thing is that they don't tangle. So you could still opt for a nice jewellery box like mine..:-)

4. For your earings get a container with a number of compartments that will allow you to store them in a  way that you can easily find them. For those with dangling earings find something you can use to hang them freely coz they are also fond of tangling like chains.

So ladies unless you organize your jewellery, you will not be able to make good use of it. There will always be one item or another that will escape your notice. Please lets avoid this!

Hope you enjoyed today's read. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions.
Until my next post..

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  1. Love these tips.....amazing

  2. Woi!! You should see mine ���� but I try coz I have a huuuuge dish(like an actual lunch box) for all my neck pieces, a box that i think came with one of the phones in this house for my tiny earrings and another for the bracelets.....then I tied a rope across my window curtain box and hunged my millions of dangling earrings that don't even wear anymore ..... But this is inspiring....I'm on a mission to find cute packages for my jewels...������.


    1. You know what..this boxes cost just 300 shs. You can get them in any Tuskys Supermarket. For the organizer containers you can't miss one in a supermarket. Very very interesting how you store your dangling earings....heheheheeee:-D
      Quite a laugh for me:-)

    2. i like this post quiet alot. bought such boxes in tuskys a while ago. i totally love them.

  3. yes yes yes.....
    totaly love the organization

  4. Everything looks so pretty and organized. Definitely taken notes :)


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