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10 Wardrobe Must Haves

It actually does make sense as a lady to invest in an item that will end up lasting for more than just a season. Trends come and go..what will happen if you keep on shopping for just but the latest trends? All you'll do is spend more and more on clothing. So as a lady its important to invest in the right wardrobe essentials which will work out for you in whatever season without being a spend-thrift.
1. Pencil Skirt
This is another wardrobe staple ladies you shouldn't miss in your wardrobe. Just by finding the right pairing, it could work as a casual wear, a formal wear or you could even rock it to a wedding. The choice is yours!

2. The Little Black Dress (LBD)
The LBD is one versatile piece you shouldn't be missing in your wardrobe ladies. It is chic and just works best for almost every occasion. Be it a wedding, an interview(just by pairing it with a blazer), church, party out with friends, dinner, the list is endless...Lets just say the LBD is an important piece of artillery you most definitely need to have in your wardrobe. Find the perfect fit and you are set to go!

3. Black Fitting Blazer
A fitting blazer will  give you an updated look to the formal wear. It works best to accentuate a woman's figure and gives her a mature look. When worn with the right piece it creates a great number of stylish looks.

4. The White Tee
Simple yet so stylish, the White Tee goes well with any casual outfit. You could tuck it in a maxi-skirt or rugged  jeans or still layer it under a blazer and it will completely spice up your look.

5.White Button-Shirt Blouse
From a sophisticated office design look to a casual look, the white blouse is most definitely a timeless addition to any wardrobe. 

6. Perfect Pair of Jeans
It's most definitely worth it to spend a bit more extra for a pair of jeans that fit and flatter your figure. Who wouldn't want to show off that God-given figure?? At least not me:-)

7.Classic Black Heels
Classic black heels can take you from morning to evening. They are universal. Rock them to the office, to a wedding, a dinner date...This is just but a classic piece you shouldn't miss in your wardrobe. Find the perfect fit and manageable height and you are good to go!

8.Girly Dress
This is another classic piece you shouldn't be missing in your wardrobe. It can be an office wear just by layering a black fitting blazer and a slim belt, you could as well rock it to a wedding or a dinner date by accessorizing it using the right jewelry and adding the right pair of heels; yet still it could be a casual wear just by layering a denim blouse and finding the right pair of flats for it. See..so simple! 

9.The Maxi Dress
Ever noticed how the Maxi Dress is always around? This is most definitely a must have item. Be it a visit to 'his' parents, a wedding, a dinner date, a walk to the beach etc the maxi dress is one feminine must have!

Last but not least, ladies you need that pair you can run errands in. Once in a while your feet may require a break from the 6 inch stilettos so invest in a few pairs. Study actually shows that putting on heels frequently is not good for your back so ladies let's try avoid high-heel horrors. Its too early to start complaining of back problems!:-(

That's it for today. Until next time..
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  1. I also want the white tee .....its like a MUST have for every woman, I just don't get it why I don't have one or 10 haha and a pencil skirt ...God knows I have been looking for one for months now,and yes I am also saving up for a cute timeless pair of black or nude ...but mostly black pair of heels ....
    Nice post ...funny a half of your must haves are on my list too....

    1. You should get a pencil skirt soonest.Trust me you won't regret. They go with absolutely anything. Seems we got a lot in common:-)

  2. A check for nine..missing a pair of jeans..that's a 2015 wadrobe goal for sure..

  3. These are great essentials to have. Preach!


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