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The Purple Midi-Skirt: Part 2

A happy new month to all of you. Hasn't the year gone so fast? You obviously have to agree with me on that. Just the other day I was busy making unreasonable New Year resolutions that up to now I still haven't accomplished yet we are already wrapping up the year. Do these things ever work for you? For me since 2011 I have been having the same New Year resolutions and up to now I have never even accomplished any. I remember when the year started I was telling myself I would exercise every day and eat healthy yet a few days later I was indulging in unhealthy foods. I salute you who always stick to their resolutions because it's not easy after all.

All the same, time has really flown and for me this has been a year of great things owing to the fact that I finally managed to start my own blog, finish my 8-4-4 and graduate and guess what? I learnt how to play the guitar. I can't really say am good at it but the fact that I can actually play a number of songs makes it an accomplishment for me. Who knows? Maybe one day I'll be calling you to one of my gigs..Talk of valid dreams..:-) All in all as the year ends I believe you have something positive to remember about 2014.

Back to my post for today, I will be continuing with my series of the Purple Midi-Skirt by showing you my second look; a look you can rock to a wedding only that I did not include a clutch purse to finish the look but I hope you like it. Here are the details...

Black Lace Top-Thrifted
Pencil skirt-Tailored
Shoes-AMAL Plaza

Thank you for reading..

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