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Christmas is here:-)

Christmas is just a day away...*yaaaiy* However, many of us may not even have a reason to celebrate. Why? There may be no one to celebrate with or perhaps Christmas  suddenly lost its meaning. Its no longer the day you'd travel up-country to celebrate it with the extended family. It has become like any other public holiday for some of us. Most of us would rather stay indoors and celebrate it alone yet at the end of the day you don't quite realize that the gift of family or more so sharing is key. 

You may argue that you have no loved ones to celebrate it with yet at the end of the day you don't quite realize that even taking a kilo of unga to a neighbor who may not have or just visiting a children's home with a sack of rice is Christmas in itself because you have shared and you've put a smile on someones face.

So in the true spirit of Christmas, spread it to others. Christmas doesn't have to be watered down into just a holiday season for making merry because it lives in your heart and what you do with it really matters. Take delight in finding new ways to be generous and kind.

Smile and say “Merry Christmas” and don’t worry about what anyone may think. Take some time and think of the gift of life; a gift renewed every moment because its not only a time of rejoicing but also a time to reflect.

So even as you celebrate this season with your loved ones remember that its also a time when you can sit down, reflect and look back on the year that has passed and be prepared for what's ahead. 

So I take this opportunity to wish you, my lovely reader a Merry Christmas. Thanks for being a faithful reader and let's remember the reason for the season.

Much Love


  1. You look amazing happy holidays CX


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