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The Purple Midi-Skirt:Part 1

I must say the past week has been one of its kind especially with the cold Nairobi weather. Talk of those bad mornings you get to work in muddy shoes and all the effort you took in looking smart goes into waste just like that..:-( Am actually nursing a cold at the moment as I write and its just not what I need now..! All the same I want to believe you are fine. So today I have some great news to share with you guys. Guess what?? I finally graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology..Yes you heard me right! It feels so good to be done with the 8-4-4 system and I must say that it hasn't been so easy but all thanks to God I successfully finished.

Back to my post for today, I decided to try three different looks with one skirt and I'll be featuring one of the looks today...the Casual Look..

Purple Midi Skirt-Tailor Made
Tribal Vest-Random store in Malaysia


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  1. I love the background and the combination too but i will wait for the other two pairings..dont take long.

    1. Hahahaaaa ill try not to:) Thanks

    2. I have resorted to commenting here because I cant see a comment option!
      the colour of that skirt ma!!!
      i cant wait for part two

    3. Nooooo..I don't know why your comments normally bring issues..am sorry dear. And thank you:-)

  2. I love the evolution. Progress! :-)

  3. Nice read as usual..i love the way a few key things make a look cas or official:)

  4. Love the pairing. Tribal prints are very trendy.


  5. Print and Bold Colour Purple...very very Nice..Loving the look


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