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The White Tee

You must agree with me that today was such a hot day..hot enough to just want to sit at home and not leave the house lest you get those sunburns that make your skin peel. Ladies its time you invested in a good sun protection lotion or else you won't like what you will be seeing in the mirror in the coming days. This is actually the time to rock those fancy hats and maxi dresses. Don't I just love this weather?:-) 

Let me hope y'all are fine and your weekend is off to a great start. Today I decided to go casual and here's my outfit of the day..

This pair of pants is one of my best especially coz of the leather detail on the sides that makes it stand out..:-)

And then we have these awesome pair of shoes from BATA which have lasted for quite a while now and I must say they are the best,,so comfortable!

Photos courtesy of Wambo. Find her on facebook (Wambo Wambo)

White Tee-U.K
Pants-Kariobangi South
Bag-My cousin's

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  1. was too hot!! the sun needs to take a chill mahn!! you looking amazingly casual


    1. I know..but I'd rather that than rain..:-) Thank you dear.

  2. Nice.. :-) subscribing to your blog pap!

  3. Good stuff youngling...white top uk..like united Kingdom..ama there is a shop in tao called uk?

    1. Hahahaaaa..ni ya United Kingdom..majuu yani to be precise...!:)

  4. The sun clearly did a number on you dear. I love your causal style, very cool and chic!


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