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After sitting at home for a couple of weeks relaxing and enjoying every minute of it, I finally succeeded in securing a place for my inter...

After sitting at home for a couple of weeks relaxing and enjoying every minute of it, I finally succeeded in securing a place for my internship. I must confess that when I received the news I had all sorts of emotions inside me. To some extent I felt sad that I was no longer going to wake up at 10 a.m but at the same time I was excited and relieved because to be honest, sitting at home doing nothing is quite a task in itself. Let's just say all you do is eat and gain more kilos and it makes one lazier as you just want to sit and do nothing not even the easiest of chores..:-( So at the end of the day, am happy and optimistic about the internship.

Today I will be doing a post on my beauty products and show you exactly what I use on a daily basis. I will start with my facial wash. I use Johnson's face care for combination skin as my skin is quite oily at the T zones and dry on my cheeks. I have used this product for like two years now and I must say that it has worked for me all thanks to it my skin has never developed any complications.You should try it.  

Next are these two Vaseline products.Vaseline happens to be my go to product as it works awesomely for me. The petroleum jelly is what I use on my face everyday then the glowing oil is what I use on the rest of my body to give me that glow.

Next is this Camay hand and body lotion. This one never leaves my bag as its what I use to keep my hands moisturized. 

Coming fourth is this Flormar Hand & Body cream. I use it a substitute for the Camay Hand & Body lotion. 
However, I do prefer this one more to Camay because of its sweet strawberry-grapish smell.

Next is this Nivea Refreshing Cleansing Lotion. This works best when you have heavy makeup on but feel so lazy to wash it off hence you just put some bit of it on cotton wool and wipe the make up off your face and you're good to go.

For my cologne and body sprays I prefer Rasasi products. The pink Charlie spray is what I use when am indoors. The Bulgari one was a gift from my mum and its normally kept for special events like weddings, dinner etc though life is too short to keep anything for special days. Let's just say everyday is special in its own way..:-)

Last but not least is this Nivea Moisturizing Sun Lotion. This is especially for those sunny days when much of my hours are spent outdoors.

Oh!I forgot this Olive Oil Edge Control. It has really been of great help because its what I use to keep my hair in check and make those edges look neat.

Thanks  for sparing time to read. 

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  1. i must say i see the effort that was put on this post!! lovely :-)


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