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Tulle Touch

Guys you have to pardon me coz of my usual boring background in which I take my pics. Am sure most of you now know every corner of our compound but I promise you the best is yet to come and for sure more professional photos are coming your way. 

All the same I want to believe that you are ok and are enjoying the hot Nairobi weather as I am. So today's post is inspired by the trending tulle skirt. I came across this dress while I was taking my friend shopping and it caught my eyes coz of the soft tulle material the lower part was made of. However, it looks like chiffon from a far but once you feel it it has that 'Tulleness' (ok I don't know if such a word exists but who cares anyway?!) and I ended up buying it thanks to my convincing friend. Talk of impulse shopping ladies! 

Anyway I decided to give the dress two looks and here are the outfit details..

For the second look I threw in a black sleeveless crop top and added a belt and accessorized the look with a pearl necklace.

Dress-Amal Plaza
Black crop top-Borrowed from my sister
Pearl necklace-My mum's 
Nude shoes-BATA
Clutch-Gift from Elle

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  1. simple and stylish...you should thank your friend for convincing you

  2. I thought i was going to read you thrifted the dress,, my next question would have been where you bought it hehe

    this one is my favourite!! xx


  3. Thanks a lot swiry..I loved it too the minute I saw it!


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