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Of unpredictable weather

Hey lovely reader? So from my previous blog post you must have noticed the excitement I had with the hot weather having come back. To my surprise, today I woke up and the clear sky was no more..just grey clouds. Talk of disappointments. Just when I thought the cold weather was no more it suddenly comes back from nowhere. 

Anyway I think I have complained enough and I just have to deal with it and be ready for anything though I must confess that it completely disorganizes me. I especially pity those ladies who prepare for the following day the night before and because you know it has been hot then you put aside light clothes and when you wake up it suddenly is cold! My mum is a victim! However for her whether its cold or not she will just put on what she had in mind for the day. 

Studded Boots-Thrifted
                         Black Jeans-Gift from mum's friend
                       Scarf-Gift from friend
                                Black vest-Busstation

                                       Stay safe lovely ones and thanks for reading..:-)
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