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Denim Kinda Day

I must admit that blogging isn't quite the easy task as I had imagined it to be especially when it comes to writing interesting posts that will actually make a reader look forward to more. There is always that tendency of giving up once you've started thinking that guys probably won't like it or the thought that there are other bloggers doing better than you are but at the end of the day I have realized that you have to take that step of faith and believe in yourself. There may be something unique about your blog that another doesn't have and for sure that is what has motivated me. All the same I believe you are all keeping up well. So today was that denim kinda day and I decided to rock denim on denim..

Denim top-Thrifted
Neckpiece-Dubois Rd
Bag-Store in Malaysia
Maasai Bracelet-Maasai Mkt

Photos courtesy of Wambo; www.facebook.com/WamboWambo

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