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Tulle Touch

Guys you have to pardon me coz of my usual boring background in which I take my pics. Am sure most of you now know every corner of our compound but I promise you the best is yet to come and for sure more professional photos are coming your way. 
All the same I want to believe that you are ok and a…

Of unpredictable weather

Hey lovely reader? So from my previous blog post you must have noticed the excitement I had with the hot weather having come back. To my surprise, today I woke up and the clear sky was no more..just grey clouds. Talk of disappointments. Just when I thought the cold weather was no more it suddenly …

Summer Time Sadness

And the hot weather is finally here I hope to stay. I am so excited because that means its time to ditch the heavy sweaters,scarfs and jeans. God knows how much of a burden it is to put on so many layers of clothes.! 
Today's post title was inspired by Lana Del Rey's song, 'Summertime …

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