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  • Hi.. I'm Linda Otiende; a Personal Style Blogger. I think fashion and style is all about creativity; playing around with what you have to create something unique and stylish out of it. Blogging about my personal style is an interest I developed about three years ago when I discovered that as ladies, we really go to certain extremes to look good. Yes, we gotta look good but at the end of the day that does not mean that we have to wear the most expensive clothes or shoes to be stylish. You can actually work it out in the cheapest of them yet still ooze class! So welcome to my blog where I will get to show you my personal style and how I manage to look good on a budget. I do hope you enjoy.

    Ladies, I have an interesting discovery for you today. If you are into fashion and trends then you may know this but if you don't, I'm sure this is new to you. So I know you've heard of paper bag pants before, if you haven't then the pair of pants I'm wearing on the blog today are paper bag pants. Did you know that they are called paper bag pants because of the gathered waistband that is normally tied using a belt making it look like the top of a tied paper bag? Yes :-) Now you know!

    So for today's post I'm wearing a pair in green; a color I have recently grown to love because of its uniqueness. If you ask me, I don't believe that the paper bag trend is about to end anytime soon because we can now see it on skirts as well as shorts and it looks so chic! The gathered waistband adds so much sass to an outfit and that is why ladies you should get yourself a pair. Paper bag pants can be worn to work or as a casual look if paired with a plain tee. My pair was a gift but if you are looking to invest in one, here are links to some Instagram stores that I have previously seen stock similar ones; tuslay254_fashionroyalsazalea_trends 

    I hope you enjoy today's post. Have a blessed week ahead!

    Photography: Prime Photography

    Outfit Details
    Off-shoulder top-tosave

    . Tuesday, January 22, 2019 .

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    . Monday, January 14, 2019 .

    Seeing that this is my first post of the year, allow me to send you, my reader, new year wishes with love..

    Hoping that your 2019 is off to a great start. Can you imagine that we are actually 14 days into the year, already? How fast have the days gone by? Or is it just me who's noticing how fast the year is moving? And can I just say that January/February are my best because I love the hot weather. I would rather deal with heat than rain/cold, honestly :-) And for this reason, the current weather inspired my outfit for the day.

    So today, the 14th, I get to turn a year older. A totally different birthday celebration for me, if you ask. I'm normally the type of person who once we get to my birthday month, I swear you will not be at peace because I will countdown from the days to my birthday up until the last hour. This time round, it's quite different for me; an emotional day because its exactly 6 months since I lost my mum to cancer. So 14th has become one of those dates that will forever remain etched in my mind because it will always remind me of my late mum. 6 months down the line, it still hurts and it still feels like it happened yesterday and this journey of grief has been a difficult one for me. But I still choose to have faith in God that one day these memories that are filled with tears will soon be filled with so much laughter.

    So as I turn twenty fiiiiiine, here are 5 lessons I felt I should share with you that I have learnt along the way;

    1. Giving up is never an option. There's never any harm in trying. At the end of the day, even if it doesn't work, there will always be a lesson that you'll learn. 
    2. Never underestimate the power of prayer. No matter the situation, always pray. 
    3. Its better to have few friends who will always be there for you than many who will never be there for you when you are in need of them. 
    4. Life is too short to live up to people's expectations. Create your own story!
    5. It's ok to say NO. Never ever be compromised to do what is against your values. It's one of the most freeing things in life, no doubt.


      Photography: Obed (prime_photografi)

    My dress is from Eastleigh
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    . Tuesday, December 18, 2018 .

    2019 is about 13 days away and this time round my new year resolutions will include style resolutions. Actually, for the past few weeks I have been letting go of clothes I haven't worn for the past 6 months because I recently discovered outfits that have been in my closet for quite a while now, like the blazer on this post which I'm still attached to. So come 2019, I want to invest in a minimalistic wardrobe; simply just streamlining my closet in such a manner that I have JUST what I need. Ultimately just invest in minimal pieces that can be styled differently.

    I actually realized that the fewer the clothes you have, the easier it is to style them differently and the easier it actually is to find something to wear. And in fact, the easier it is to shop because you easily identify what you need. And you spend less. So this is actually a perfect resolution, ladies, for 2019.

    This green blazer, however, found its way to my heart again and I'll be wearing it quite often in the coming weeks seeing that you can never go wrong with a pop of plain color especially when paired with prints.

    Enjoy today's post and have a lovely week ahead.

    Photography: Abby Nyaonga (Instagram)

    Outfit Details
    Blazer-tailor made
    White blouse-thrift

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