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  • Hi.. I'm Linda Otiende; a Personal Style Blogger. I think fashion and style is all about creativity; playing around with what you have to create something unique and stylish out of it. Blogging about my personal style is an interest I developed about three years ago when I discovered that as ladies, we really go to certain extremes to look good. Yes, we gotta look good but at the end of the day that does not mean that we have to wear the most expensive clothes or shoes to be stylish. You can actually work it out in the cheapest of them yet still ooze class! So welcome to my blog where I will get to show you my personal style and how I manage to look good on a budget. I do hope you enjoy.

    The first time I saw mom jeans, I was like, "Those jeans are ugly? So unflattering? How would someone even wear such jeans?" Fast forward, today on the blog I am wearing a pair:-) Honestly, I'm not investing in another pair anytime soon but I'm planning to style this particular one differently until I actually convince myself that I need another pair.

    Ladies, would you wear mom jeans? Do you think they are trendy?

    Have a lovely day ahead and thank you for always taking your time to read my posts 


    Photography: _calebokumu

    Outfit Details
    Blazer-Custom made
    Jeans-Lovlia Collections (Instagram)
    Shoes-slayworld254 (Instagram)
    White top-MRP

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    . Friday, November 9, 2018 .

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    . Monday, November 5, 2018 .

    "Always find time for the things that make you happy" has been my driving force for the past few weeks. If you are an avid reader of my blog, you might recall me mentioning in one of my recent posts that I have been feeling quite low and demotivated in the recent weeks. So I made a promise to myself that in the coming weeks I would create a list of things I love to do and invest my energy and time in these things. Top on this list is blogging; something I have always been passionate about. I find it therapeutic and it always gives me some form of contentment and happiness each time I get to create content on this space of mine. So hey!I'm not about to stop blogging any time soon. 

    They say 'happiness lies within us; it depends on us; it is a choice'. So choose to be happy today; no matter the situation you are going through in life, it's never too late to make happiness your choice. If it means going for that bakery class, go! If it means travelling the world, then go! If it means registering for that guitar class you've always wanted to, then do it! If dressing up makes you happy, like it does to me, then go for it! If wearing makeup and looking pretty makes you happy and feel good about yourself, let no one tell you anything! You deserve to be happy!


    Photography: _calebokumu (Instagram)
    Make up: Jane Maina (Instagram)

    Outfit: Custom made by my tailor 

    Shoot location: Fair Acres Guest House-Karen

    Headpiece-chic.ke (Instagram)
    Earrings-Shabba_Designs (Instagram)

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    . Wednesday, October 31, 2018 .

    While working on today's post, I just realized my whole outfit was purchased from Instagram except for my purse. It's about time I admitted to being an online shopping addict; Instagram shopping addict to be precise. But then again, should I really be feeling bad about this yet these Instagram thrift stores sell stuff for as low as a hundred bob? I mean? You literally save on the cost, energy and time you'd have otherwise spent on a trip to Gikomba or Toi market. So, No!I don't really feel guilty about it. And again, one way I deal with stress is shopping. So I'm not so sure that this addiction is ending anytime soon but they say the first step to overcoming an addiction is admitting that you actually have one. So hopefully now that I admit that I'm an addict of online shopping, then the next step will be to work on my spending habits.. 😊

    Can you imagine there are days I've even unfollowed my favorite thrift stores because I felt I was overspending then a few weeks later, follow them back again? SMH

     I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section..Are you are an addict of shopping? (Whether online or just physically visiting a store?) How do you go about it so you don't end up impulse buying and you actually buy what you had budgeted for? 

     My makeup was done by Jane Maina 

     Outfit Details
    Earings-pryde_artz (Instagram)

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